ഓൾ എബൌട്ട് കേരളത്തിലേക്കു സ്വാഗതം
ഓൾ എബൌട്ട് കേരളത്തിലേക്കു സ്വാഗതം  

KTS webCloud supports dynamic website with content management facility. The administrator can add any number of menus and corresponding web pages by choosing available templates and upload any amount of data to the website. The administrator can change the look and feel of the website periodically and make site rich with updated data, scroll news, exhibit photos and so on.

KTS webCloud consists of some predefined templates, each of which are best suited for particular purpose as indicated by its name. They are, general page, general page with image, overview page, download page and photo gallery page. Also, webCloud contains a provision to add any number of such templates using the plugin technology.

The administrator may be the responsible one for managing the website. So the administrator can do the customizations, such as adding your own content. Therefore, the first step you must take is to create an administrative user.

To create an administrative user

» Click Login menu
» Enter both Username and Password are as admin
» Click Account Info menu.
» Create profile and change old password.
» Click update button to save the changes.
» Re-login with your new password.
» Click Home » Admin Home.
» And, go through the administrative pages to do the customization.

The information in this home page is only an overview to guide you. This page can also be customized for your site. For more information, you can see the help topic in administrative page, which you are customizing.
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